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Businesses have diversified needs in terms of locking and security .Most companies require a number of employees to take care of their business, as a result the keys often change hands, and as a business owner many times you remain unaware about the number copies of the keys. If you have doubts regarding your commercial keys, and you want your locks to be re-keyed or replaced, the best option is to hire the services of a reputed commercial locksmith . A local locksmith can re-key the locks and produce keys on-site. Possible scenarios when a firm may require the services of a commercial locksmith include high employee turnover, keys lost by someone in the staff and a change in the ownership/management of the company. Most local locksmiths have expertise in providing a master key system, wherein the owner or manager has access to all the areas of the establishment, at the same time limiting others to have access to their own specific offices. By using a master key system, a commercial locksmith can provide simplicity and security side by side in business setups. Key control is an important aspect in a business setup, and you should know which of your staff member has what type of keys. To further explain, it would be a toothless effort towards securing your business if you don’t curtail unauthorized key duplication. The “Do not duplicate” stamp on keys is a rudimentary method to stop unauthorized key duplication and does not guarantee that this meager request would be well adhered.

One of the most effective ways to gain thorough control over business keys is to request your commercial locksmith to replace all the exterior lock cylinders with a restricted keyway variety. A restricted keyway is the one that is registered to a specific commercial locksmith. This means that no other person would be able to obtain the blank keys. Therefore no copies of the keys would be possible unless done through your designated commercial locksmith. There are other means by which a business setup can attain security of property with the help of a local locksmith. Other methods adopted by commercial locksmiths to provide security to business enterprises include installation of electronic locking system. This system requires feeding a combination of codes for gaining further access. Another option is biometric locks that require fingerprint or retinal scan to gain access. Key fob system is yet another option in which a person needs to carry a badge to scan before gaining access. All these electronic systems have an additional advantage of producing an audit trial report. This report indicates who has entered and left and at what time. Local locksmiths who have expertise in commercial keys also provide services with respect to repair and installation of emergency exit devices. If a commercial building at times has occupancy above a certain limit, then a single function exit device is required by law. Services of commercial locksmith can be utilized for installation and maintenance of such type of emergency exits for the safety of the public and of the business property.